West Virginia CCW Concealed Carry Training

Simply Safe's Concealed Carry Class fulfills the firearms safety training required by the State of West Virginia to apply for a WV Concealed Carry License. Students receive a personalized proof of training certificate upon completion of the class, as well as materials and instructions for applying for the permit. To view upcoming classes, click on the Schedule page above. To review the class content, read below. 

NRA's Basic Pistol Shooting Course contents include: firearm safety, pistol mechanisms and operations, how to select the best handgun for you, ammunition, safe storage of firearms, West Virginia Gun Laws, reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders, dealing with gun malfunctions, firearms transportation laws, gun-free zones, what to expect from your mind and body if you find yourself in a life-threatening encounter, fundamentals of shooting, awareness principles, rules of engagement for using lethal force, concealed carry methods, safety at public shooting ranges, and more.

At the range, attention is given to the fundamentals of pistol shooting. Proper shooting techniques are discussed and demonstrated. Students are given individual attention in handling and shooting a pistol with accuracy. Class dates and times may be found on the Scheduled Events page above. Bring a pistol or revolver, 50 rounds of ammunition and eye protection.  Ear protection is provided. Wear a shirt that fits high on the neck to avoid hot brass burns from ejected casings.

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